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Customer Reviews

This is a helpful, well-presented guide. They really do cover all the best places. Handy maps and clear descriptions. I also love the time line near the back which is unique and indispensable! I look forward to using this guide book for many days and years to come.  Heather L.

A labor of love all birders will appreciate. This is one of those "It's about time!" books. There's so much research in it, it's obvious why a book on the subject took so long to appear. A comprehensive guide to bird-watching in the New York City area that also includes a lot of interesting non-bird facts even the most seasoned New Yorker probably doesn't know (or has long forgotten). A round of applause for the authors, please. Jo Mader

This is a surprisingly pleasant book that is not just for birders. The book is certainly written for birders with useful tips and comments about species, seasons, migrations and optimal viewing venues. But, it also, where offered, provides tips on transportation, parking, amenities and other "human" logistics that can make the difference between a satisfying and memorable trek and a "I'll never go there again" memory.

But for birders and non-birders, there are, scattered throughout the book, snippets of the locations' history and personal commentary of various locations, which can enhance the venue's interest and overall visiting experience for everybody.
James Liao

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